There are those people who are faced with challenges which limits them from exercising to lose weight.  There are those with so many responsibilities at work, home, and even in social life such that time for exercise is limited. Secondly, it may be because of an injury or some other physical in capabilities. This does not mean that you cannot practice other healthy natural ways of losing weight.  Note that the human body is capable of burning calories in a given day while just sitting or even sleeping.  The following on this site are some of the things to practice to lose weight faster without exercise: check it out!

 Make sure that you consume a lot of water every day view here for more.  The advantage of this is that the body remain dehydrated throughout which is necessary for body functions view here! which lead to burning calories.  The other significant benefit is that when taken at the right time helps in weight reduction.  There has been research conducted which proved taking water before taking breakfast reduces the number of calories taken by 13%.

 The other method to use is to ensure that you sleep well in a day, recommended 7 to 9 hours. This helps to reduce the number of calories consumed in a day.  When you sleep few hours the chances of eating more is high increases the amount of calories intake.  This has been proved by research whereby those people who slept less than 7 hours in a day ate more the following day.

Be watchful on what you eat in a day and also about your eating pattern.  This is applicable whenever you want to eat something more not just at home while preparing the meal.  Look out for the number of calories per serving on the food you want to eat and also on how the body benefits from the food.  Buy a guide on healthy eating guide click here to get proper measurements of calories per body weight.  Make sure that you avoid the habit of eating something while the stomach is full.  Avoid distraction during meal time like watching the TV or even been busy on social media.

Lastly, it’s essential to be careful on the portions of food you consume.  To help on this, you can use meal shakes about which helps to reduce the number of meals in a day or the amount of food consumed.  There are those who prefer to use a small plate which limits to small portions in every meal.  The other instance is to buy chopsticks through which you will take a longer time at meal time.